Flipped Classroom

Making the Most of Your Class time

Flipped Classroom

Learning Theories

Mat Schottenfeld on Flipped Classroom

Bloom's Taxonomy

Practical Application of Flipped Technique

Active Learning Techniques in the College Classroom

A Manifesto for Active Learning, Prof. Hacker, Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/3/13
Classroom Activities for Active Learning Center for Faculty Excellence, UNC (PDF)
How can you incorporate active learning into the classroom?Center for research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan (PDF)
Arthur F. Thurnau Professors/ Engaging Students in the Classroom and Beyond, Center for research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan (Videos)
Using Active Learning Instructional Strategies to Create Excitement and Enhance Learning, Jim Eison, Ph.D., Department of Adult, Career & Higher Education, University of South Florida
Chapter 8 - Using Active Learning in the Classroom, Instruction at FSU Handbook 2011, Florida State University
One Minute Papers, Stephen W. Draper, University of Glasgow
Does Active Learning Work? A Review of the Research, Michael Prince, J. Eng. Education, 93(3), 223-231 (2004).

Peer Learning

Confessions of a Converted Lecturer: Eric Mazur

4+1 Interview: Eric Mazur, Robert Talbert, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/11/14

Twilight of the Lecture, Craig Lambert, Harvard Magazine, 3/12
Quick Start Guide to Flipping your Classroom with Peer Instruction, Julie Schell, Turn to Your Neighbor: The Official Peer Instruction Blog, 1/15/2013

Production Resources and Tools

Additional Slides and Handouts

Video Filming and Audio Guidelines (PDF)

Recording Audio Tips, Slideshare, Kristen Treglia, 3/14/13
Effective Video Recording, Slideshare, Lindsay Karp, 9/23/13

Blank Storyboard form (doc), Blank Storyboard form (PDF)

Creating Khan Academy style videos


Survey Tools


Video Editing Software


URL Shorteners

See also Video tools

Additional Resources

Effective Presentation Technologies PowerPoint Design and Beyond: includes slides and information about using Flickr, animations and Infographics
Directions for Downloading, Clipping, and Converting Videos for PPT

Creating Audio and Video

Working with Google Drive

Google Voice (also see Top 10 Clever Google Voice Tricks via Lifehacker)