Creating Audio

Review the process of recording and editing audio files.

Video Filming and Audio Guidelines (PDF)



Audacity(iOS/Win, free), Tech Tips: Audacity(PDF)
Twisted Wave (browser)
The Best Voice Recorder, Bryan Gardiner, The Wirecutter, 8/15/13; Sony ICD-AX412 on Amazon

Free Music Sites


Additional Resources

Say goodbye to the iconic MP3

Creating Video

Video Filming and Audio Guidelines (PDF)


Windows Movie Maker
  • Windows Movie Maker is a video-making tool which comes free with Microsoft Windows. It is not exactly a feature-rich application but it is well-suited to simple tasks such as creating video to save or send to YouTube or via email.
  • Microsoft Guide to Movie Maker: View Here
  • YouTube - How to upload video to YouTube (view Using YouTube Tech Guide.pdf)

Quicktime Pro
  • Open your video file within Quicktime Pro, then Drag the beginning point and end point to where you want your video to start and end.
  • Click on the menu “Edit” then choose “Trim to election”.
  • View your edited version and make additional edits if needed.
  • Save your movie by going to “File > Save As”
  • QuickTime Pro X basic recording and editing guide.pdf

Compression Software

To use Handbrake to compress your file:
  • Select your "Source" file.
  • Click on Toggle presets and select Apple.
  • On the Apple dropdown, select iPhone and iPod Touch
  • On the main window, select the format Mp4, and to the right, check Web Optimized.
  • Scroll down and click on Picture settings and write down the Window size dimensions (usually says 480 x 272).
Tutorial on using Handbrake (with screenshots)

Clipchamp (browser based)

Fordham YouTube Channel

In order to enable your Fordham YouTube channel, you will need to agree to the Terms of Service for the Google Core Apps and agree to the Fordham Policy on the Use of Non-Core Google Services. Once you have completed both, you should have access to your YouTube channel within 1 business day. To access your channel, you can either click on the "App Pad" (listed under "More") once you are signed into your Fordham Google Account or go directly to and sign in with your Access IT ID. For questions or assistance with enabling your Fordham YouTube Channel, please contact IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999.

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How to Upload Video to Fordham YouTube and Embed the Video in Blackboard Course Item
How to Upload Video to Fordham Google Drive and Embed the Video in Blackboard Course Item

Directions to share with students on how to upload a video to either Google Drive or YouTube, and then embed them in Blackboard (either in a discussion board post or on a Wiki/Journal/Blog)

Tools and Tips

Free YouTube Downloader (computer software via CNET) *in ppt use .avi or .mpeg
KeepVid and YouTube videos for free - be careful of ads)
Zamzar (free, online file converter)
Sothink Video Converter (Win, free)

Trimming Movie Clips with Quicktime
Trimming videos in PowerPoint 2010

Video Ant